The Daily Life of Catty the vampire

The Comic

Catty's Diary is a series of slice of life comedic strips, revolving around a vampire in modern times, who decides to start a diary about her everyday struggles.


Her full name is Catherine Venus, but prefers to be called Catty. She's a regular girl, who works as a therapist, likes fashion, collecting plushies and generally having a positive outlook of life. Except she's a vampire, but she'd rather pass as normal.
Can she do it?



PhillipFGA is the creator of this comic. He is a versatile graphic designer, who has strived to perfect his skills of storytelling through both design and animation. And when he isn't doing art or thinking about stories, he likes to be enthralled by the sheer beauty of chinchillas and cats.

You can find him in the following sites:

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Pockety Hat, the inking and colorist of some of the strips, is a genderfluid artist who loves telling tales through all sorts of mediums. They really like all sorts of stories: fantasy, mystery, and Well Written Tragedies, to name a few. They also do some animation on the side and play some video games.

You can find them in the following sites:

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